Guide to my TrailMakerPRO™.

Welcome to TrailMakerPRO™ - the home of fun and unique technology-guided activities and events!

TrailMakerPRO™ make it easy and fun to explore and learn about a new area, using GPS and smartphone technology to deliver a unique experience, at a time and pace to suit you.


All the information you need is available at the tap of your mobile phone

TrailMakerPRO™ includes detailed route steps with photographs, route description, interesting content, and GPS positioning

There is a fun picture challenge game within the activity

Once you've downloaded the app and activated your activity there's no need to be online

You can run the activity at any time (sometimes within a specific time frame) so you're not tied to being somewhere at a particular time


The location-based activities use GPS (Global Positioning System) to identify your location for TrailMakerPRO™. However, the GPS system is not within the control of TrailMakerPRO™ and can sometimes produce errors. Please do not rely entirely on the GPS for safety reasons.

It goes without saying that you should use the activity responsibly; in particular you should use the activity when stationary, in a safe location away from traffic and any other hazards. For your own safety, please don't walk along looking down at your phone.



When you want to start your activity, the first thing to do is to select Steps. It may take a few minutes for the GPS location to work, this is quite normal. Please be patient until you have a GPS lock.

Bear in mind that GPS and location services require more power than when your phone is in sleep mode so make sure any phone to be used is fully charged. Whilst you don't need to be online & connected to the internet during use, you may find your battery life is decreased during use. The activity will normally last about 1-2 hours.

It may take some minutes to get a valid location - this is normal.


Taking photographs is done by pressing the Camera button in the Pictures section view.


When you have finished, make sure you save the photos - you will now see that the photo section has a gallery.


Once you have saved your photos, you can share them, if you wish, on social media.


Does the GPS signal display any bars? Make sure you are outside with a clear view of sky. Are your location services switched on? Check by going to settings and you will need to allow the application access to your location.


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