About TrailMakerPRO™.

TrailMakerPRO builds fun, interesting self-guided activities designed to help you explore a specific area, learn more about what’s around you, and take on some fun challenges along the way. There is lots of interesting content included, about your location and features. Routes are sometimes circular, sometimes linear, and may cover a nature trail, visitor attraction trail or cultural trail. Some combine more than one of these themes, and some have educational content.

Full details of all routes are on our web site. You need an activation code from your venue or provider, which you enter where requested in order to download the correct route.

The activity includes:

  • Detailed route steps with photo/s and description of each step, along with GPS tracking for location for route-based activities
  • A history section so you can review where you’ve been or what step you’ve reached
  • A fun camera challenge game
  • An Information section with additional content
  • A Guide section on how to use the activity